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By William F. Gabriel

Today people in all walks of life wear an ID badge of some sort. The world we live in is turning high tech, and with the swipe of a badge, an employee can verify their security clearance, track their hours worked, and even gain access to the building they work in. With such important features on an employee badge, this is clearly an item one would not want to lose.

This is where the badge reel comes in. Employees will wear their ID badge in one of two ways: on a lanyard or on a badge reel. Lanyards serve a great purpose, as they do hold an ID badge close and can sometimes dress up a work uniform. However, a lanyard isnt always the ideal way to carry employee identification. Depending on the workplace and on the type of job performed, it may be inconvenient or even hazardous to carry an ID badge in a manner in which it hangs down.

The badge reel allows you to keep your employee identification secured to your clothing where it is safe and out of the way. Because there is the possibility that one may need to use their ID badge throughout their work day, the retractable badge reel is an option that works very well. This type of badge reel allows the ID badge to be pulled out away from the body to swipe through a reader or to show to security personnel.


If you know someone who wears an employee identification badge in their everyday life, a badge reel can make a great gift. Odd, you say? Not necessarily. When at work or at school, most people want to look good and feel good. The way an employee presents themselves through their wardrobe and overall appearance actually speaks volumes about how they view their career. Wearing a standard issue ID badge in plastic with a plain metal clip is just humdrum.

There are a few different options you have when it comes to giving badge reels as gifts. One option is that you make a personalized badge holder for someone you know well. Students with a creative flair could visit the craft supply store and purchase beads or trinkets that can be hot glued onto a standard clip and given to the teacher on a special occasion.

The problem with this first option is that badge reels can sometimes be hard to come by unless you want to order them in bulk. Unless you are planning on making personalized badge reels for a large group of people, this option may not work for you.

The other option is to look online and find badge reels that have a designer flair to them already. This is a much easier option if you are giving a gift to one person. No bulk orders, just easy shopping to pick out the right design for the person you are buying for.

Buying for a co-worker, teacher, doctor or nurse just got easier with the emergence of the designer badge reel!

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