There are three nail art techniques that have really come into their own in the last year or so. These are known as Nail Art Decals, Konad Nail Art and Ceramic Nail Art. This web article will tell you about the staples of every one of these tools thereby allowing you to incorporate them into your own work. Nail Art CanesLately, Ceramic Nail Art Canes have been quite popular among the practicioners of nail art. Ceramic Nail Art Canes are tiny canes made out of ceramic formed in the form of various things. The items listed bellow represent a few of the most popular designs:BlossomsFruitsShapesInsectsSweetsAlso known as Fimo Art Canes, these products are all hand produced. Nail Art Canes procured from “Viva La Nails” are obliged to go through a severe quality control process. This guarantees that only high caliber items are sent out from the factory.You will have to procure a unique ultra-sharp knife in order to cut small pieces from these canes for use for your nail art. While they are most consistently used in designs on gel or acrylic extensions, nail art cane slices can also be used on natural nails when they are cut into razor thin slices. Konad Nail ArtAnother nail art technique that is becoming very popular is the Konad system, a system of nail art tools which lets you create instant designs on your client’s nail surface. This operation is realized using cutting edge twenty-first century applied science. The centre piece of the Konad nail art system is a special metal plate engraved with a diversity of gorgeous figures. To use Konad, the nail technician adheres a special Konad coloured nail polish to the metal plate and then transfers the resulting design onto the client’s nails using a special konad stamping instrument. The result is a stunning and masterful pattern in a fraction of the time that this would generally take. Young nail artists can use this technique to truly impress their clients with something new. However, be sure to only purchase true tools constructed by Konad. There are several imposters who currently issue false products that can’t hold up under the pressure of daily use. If you need to know for sure that you are receiving Konad products, you might decide to purchase them from “Viva La Nails” where only genuine Konad products are for sale. Water DecalsFinally, let’s put in a few words about nail art Water Decals. Nail art water decals are one of the easiest “ready-to-use” nail art design tool on the market. You will find an exclusive assemblage of these decals at the “Viva-La-Nails” online shop. This is not only a very elementary process, it is very cost effective too! In addition, it’s easy to use water decals right along side different techniques if you like. Envisage creating designs using Water Decals, Ceramic Nail art and Konad all in the same schema! Why not?Just about anyone can utilize water decals. All you have to do is immerse the design in water or get it wet with a moistened cotton bud and then rub the back side of the decal to remove it from the sheet. Next, remove the transfer with your thumb or an orange stick. Finally, just place the pattern in the desired spot and you have a finished work of art!