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Casting an appropriate impression at work is by no means tough if you don t forget 3 fundamental points for dressing for success at the time of purchasing office clothes.

1. Presentation is really important.

2. Casual doesn t mean untidy.

3. Dress as according to your desire: sober, upward-bound, professional and prepared to meet up clients.

In case you desire to become a manager, just see the attire of successful managers. After that, analyze the best employees in your office. One thing is for sure: they never come to for work in their party cloths.

If there is a dress code of your office, your worries are over, and you may dress up in what is called cookbook-style . However, most of the offices don t possess written standards for dressing, and it s your own choice. Men must not dress like aspirant celebrities, and women must not dress up like drama queens.

Men s conventional outfit includes:

A dress shirt.


Clean and shiny black shoes.

A blue, gray or black coat.

pants that go with the jacket.

You must sport a conservative tie.

socks are important as well. Buy a couple of dozen pairs of matching dark-colored socks so you may take out 2 randomly from your cupboard everyday and always get an appropriate match.

Blue and white shirts are always preferred since time immemorial , but one may also sometimes sport pink, yellow or a brown shirt.

As far as women are concerned, the traditional appearance comprises of:

A knee-long skirt, pants and maybe pantsuits.

plain jewelry.

Slight makeup. Don t wear a perfume, particularly during an interview for a job or the initial days at a certain new job. If after that you employ perfumes, take care to avoid the behind the ears splash.

Polished and moderate flats or heels.

Decent-looking sweaters.

Pantyhose might turn out as the office standard. However, you must ask about this.

You must also consider regional differences; A Northeastern standard might be taken as airless and not viable in the Southwest.

In case you borrow a coat or a jacket for a particular interview, ensure it fits well otherwise you might give an appearance of being either a miniature individual or a very huge person. Body language may be of great significance, particularly to a person taking your job interview.

Your dress sense shows your boss how you perceive yourself and what type of approach you have got towards the job. Many people, particularly youthful workers, don t consider this essential point.

You always desire to be appreciated with regards to the quality of the work you provide and not the errors and mistakes you have committed due to your lackluster approach towards your profession.

Overdressing on your opening day at a brand new job is preferable to some extent. Too formal dressing, may cause you to lose your credibility and appreciation.

You must always know the ways of dressing for success according to the task assigned to you. In case you’re a mechanical engineer going towards a construction site, casual jeans, a Polo shirt and ordinary work boots are acceptable, but this is not the way to dress while giving out an official presentation to the higher-ups of the office. In the wise words of the legendary Mark Twain: “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society.”

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